A Weekend To Make You Stronger In Mind & Body

A Cold Exposure Retreat Near Mt. Kosciuszko hosted by

the 530 club

17 - 19 September 2021




Eager to get out of your comfort zone to push your body to its limit and transform your mind?

This weekend will teach you how to adapt to extreme mental and physical environments.

The results are a radically improved mindset and the ability to enlarge your comfort zone.

Are You ...

... terrified of the cold?

❌ ... stuck in your comfort zone?

❌ ... suffering from stress?

❌ ... dealing with a low immune system?

❌ ... always having hot showers?

❌ ... issues with training and recovery?

❌ ... low in mental energy?

❌ ... barely motivated?

❌ ... subconsciously breathing?

❌ ... restless at night?

Experience a new depth of Connection with others, mental Challenge and Control over your body.

At the530club we like being proactive towards optimising our life. That's why we created a cold exposure program that will transform your mind and body - and will literally take your breath away:

... Get familiar with cold exposure

... Ice river baths that will boost your metabolism

... Burn countless calories and enhance your mental resilience

... Breath-work training your blood will love

... Enhanced lung capacity for optimum use

... Professional supervision at all times

... Mountain peek hike with minimal clothing

... Certified oxygen advantage training

... Mental training that will last a lifetime

... Full catering to keep hungry bellies warm

... Accommodation for the time of stay

... Meditations to keep your mind calm and cool

... An official 530 club hoodie

We know you are the type of person who wants to be successful by living a great life and positively influencing the people around you.

In order to be that way, not only do you need to be kind, but must be an example of discipline in mind and body.

One major problem is that humans love comfort. So, you, like many others, most likely feel reluctance to step into mental or physical conflicts.

We believe that nobody should shy away from physical and mental challenges because it is the only way discover what we are capable of! However, we understand it's not easy. We never said it would be easy to get up early every morning, but you still did it.

That’s why we have organised this retreat just for you. To push your boundaries and expand your personal comfort zone because we know that you can do it. We've hired professional facilitators, certified by the Wim Hof method and the oxygen advantage to provide legitimate world class training and guidance.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register (spots are very limited)

2. Experience a life changing weekend

3. Live with more focus, intention and self control - plus optimism of what your mind and body can endure!

Register now so you can stop living in your current comfort zone and start experiencing what your mind and body are capable of.

In the cold you kick into survival mode and get to understand the miracle that you have been born with

1. Register

Save your Limited Spot to be part of this life changing event

2. Experience

Get "comfortable" in pushing your comfort zone into new depths

3. Live

Continuously apply your new skills to live a more intentional and focused life.

Clean Up

Cut the clutter and experience laser-sharp focus in extreme environments through controlled breathing

Commitment On

Learn to endure mental chatter and discover fresh mindsets

Cold In

Adapt your body to new levels of exposure and discover unknown strength

Event Details:

Dates: 30/07/21 - 01/08/21

Included in your ticket price:

  • A fully catered weekend

  • on site professional and certified facilitators

  • like minded community of 530 club members

  • snow gear and breathing equipment for every adventure

Location: 1260 Alpine Way, Crackenback NSW 2627

Motel accommodation at the station at perisher has been booked. Please select your preferences during reservation.

Approximate Agenda

17/09 - Friday

  • Check-In 2 pm

  • Breathwork

  • River Plunge

  • Meditation

18/09 - Saturday

  • 530 power hour

  • Breathwork

  • Nature Hike and Plunge

  • Oxygen Advantage Training

  • Local River Plunge

  • Relaxation

19/09 - Sunday

  • 530 power hour

  • Breathwork

  • Hike to Mountain Peek (Main Event - weather permitting)

  • Lunch in the local Pub

  • Departure 2 pm

About the530club

What first started as a few friends catching up with some reading and studies turned into a national movement of early risers that wanted to progress towards their goals before most people wake up. This is not always easy and requires a constant boost of discipline. This retreat will provide exactly that. A time to grow in resilience and toughness.

Find out more about the530club on www.the530.club

About the Facilitator

Tom Kerr (Main Facilitator)

Founder of LaCure and Wellness Expert Tommy Kerr is a pioneer in the health and wellness industry. He is passionate about ways to push his own body and has made cold therapy a big part of his life. At LaCure, cryotherapy was his specialty.

Tommy is a Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach and will guide us through all things breath-work, meditation, training and ice baths.

He is well equipped to facilitate this retreat. Countless people have experienced breakthrough through his coaching, experiencing the cold, the breath and the mind in new ways.

Learn more about him @tommykerr17

Deano Gladstone (Guest Facilitator)

You might know Deano as the Bondi lifeguard but he is also a qualified and practicing Personal Trainer, Wim Hof instructor, Breathwork coach, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach.

His vast experience allows him to approach his clients with humility, understanding and work towards best possible individual outcomes. To say we are extremely excited to have him on board is an understatement.

Learn more about him @deanogladstone

Leah Scott (Guest Facilitator)

Leah is a certified Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor, breathwork specialist, extreme cold tolerance practitioner, mountain guide, and motivational speaker.

She is a lover of nature and will accompany us for the famous Mt. Kosciuszko hike.

Her mission is to help people improve their health & wellbeing by reconnecting them to nature, empowering them to do more than they think they can.

We are honored to have her join us to provide her wealth of insight.

Learn more about her @leahscottie

Don't miss out on this event.

Our Promise To You:


Increased cardiovascular performance


Improved stress response


Elevated mood and stimulation

Ticket Price


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a payment plan?

In order to keep costs down unfortunately there is no payment plan available. All payments are via bank transfer and we will send through the details once registration is complete. If you have any questions in regards to payments please contact us.

Is This Safe?

Of course! Our facilitators are insured, experienced, and certified. However, if you have any worries or medical conditions that you think might be affected by cold exposure, increased oxygen intake, and increased heart rate, please let our team know so we can make any necessary changes for your safety.

Who Is This For?

For anyone that wants to become fitter and live healthier. We should also mention for those that love a physical and mental challenge. Anyone that has an injury or severe health condition should contact us to see if this retreat is appropriate for you.

Westernised industrialisation has done as no favour. Heaters, air-conditioning, chemical drugs aka medicine and the never ending search for comfort has made us weaker. The biggest organ, the skin, is not getting the stimulation it needs. Try it for yourself. Take a 60s shower, as cold as possible, you will receive focus and concentration. It's not a maybe, it's scientific, hormonal and biological. It's hard, of course, uncomfortable, yes. If it was easy, everybody would do it. We are teaching you how to do it.

Unlike heat, cold does not harm us. Heat creates burns and scars. Cold creates strength and recovery. It's like nature's vaccine.

How Fit Do I Need To Be?

If you breathe that's the main thing. You should be able to walk 10km comfortably.

What About Transport?

Transport is not included but closer to the date we can assist with car pooling. This will be a breeze.We will use our vehicles on site to drive to different local places but the majority is in walking distance.

What If I Book And Change My Mind?

Due to required deposit commitments during peek-season here is our simple cancellation policy.

If you cancel 30 days before the event we will keep 20% of your ticket price and refund the rest. If you cancel within 30 days before the event starts we will refund you 20% and keep the remains. This is so that we can cover the costs that are associated regardless.

What If I Have More Questions?

Send us an email here and we will reach out to you to answer any questions.

What If I can't travel due to COVID restrictions?

If due to government regulations the retreat can't go ahead we will transfer the ticket price back in full.We have enough space available to practice social distancing and other health recommendations.