Start a club in your suburb

4 times a year club founders all over Australia register their location to encourage people to join them for their Monday morning power hour.

You can do the same.

Our vision is that people all over Australia and beyond find clarity in their lives,

build consistency in their habits and grow in community.

Hear From The Founders

Find an open Café

Invite Someone

Promote the Club

Inspired to Join?

Read about our 4P - Framework to start and launch an amazing club

Inspired by The 530 Club lifestyle?
Do you think your local community would benefit from having access to a 530 Club?
Or perhaps you are eager to bring like-minded individuals together?

You could be the ideal person to start a 530 Club in your town! Anyone is welcome to start their own 530 Club, and we believe your club can be a success if you have initiative, consistency and an inclusive attitude!

We rely on the 4 “P’s” to create a thriving club: having a PURPOSE, finding a PLACE to host the club, inviting PEOPLE to join the community, and working to PROMOTE your club so new members can experience The 530 Club lifestyle.



Why do you want to create a 530 club in your community? Do you want to create a consistent early morning habit and feel accountable for it? Do you want to positively impact yourself and other people in your community? Whatever it may be, having a purpose behind starting your own 530 club is a great way to motivate you to create a thriving community with longevity!

Remember, the 530 club is not a one-off event, it is a lifestyle change.

The 530 club is a way of life that is helping to make people, better people. You could be the driver to that positive change! But you will need determination and consistency.

Do you feel a desire to help people one day at a time?

If Yes, bring to life the 530 club’s simple, but effective habit.



Choose a local Café to meet for the 530 club #powerhour. Make sure to find a cafe that opens early so you can begin at 5:30am!

A cafe is a welcoming place to invite newcomers to meet for the power hour. It is also the ultimate location to get that early morning coffee hit!

It is beneficial to mention the 530 club initiative to your local cafe owners to ensure they are okay and prepared for a consistent group of people to be occupying the cafe each morning! After all you are customers and they will most likely not turn you down.



You might want to lead your own 530 Club, but there is no movement without the first few followers! A club needs people and it is your mission to find them!

Here’s some tips on how you can find your 530 club members:

1. Invite a few friends, work colleagues or family members to help you start the 530 club movement. This will help create some consistency and accountability each morning.

2. Make it easy to join, and make it inclusive. Having a welcoming attitude helps make it inviting to join! Let people know when and where you meet, and encourage them to do something productive for themselves in the power hour.

3. Celebrate peoples attendance when they do join and stay consistent! Your encouraging voice could have more of a positive impact on people than you may think!

4. Stay consistent. Your presence alone will create an environment of accountability, focus, fulfilment and of course - friendship!



People don't know what they don't know! It is your job to tell people about your 530 club and the benefits of attending so they can be inspired to join!

Ways to promote your club:

1. Talk about your club to others. Word of mouth has been the driving force behind The 530 Club success.

2. Invite people to come to your club and encourage them to invite their friends. The more the merrier!

3. Share about your 530 club on your socials every morning. People will see your consistency and become curious on what all the fuss is about! The easiest way to get some momentum is to tag us in on instagram @the530club and include #the530club hashtag so people can read up on what you are creating! This way we can also help promote your club on The 530 Club main page socials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the perks of being a Club Leader?

Ultimately every leader has an opportunity to make a positive impact in peoples lives. That alone is a never ending driving force.
The privilege of creating a space for people and making them feel that they are not alone is beautiful.

It also makes you incredibly accountable.

Apart from that we will keep you in the loop about any events and other things we are creating before they go to the public. You become part of a leaders team that carries the vision to help people find clarity, consistency and community.

We have a whatsapp group to communicate between the leaders. Once you have an official club we will add you to that.

What if there is no cafe that opens at 530 am?

Keep looking and ask around. Most cafe open at least at 6am and would be ready for coffee orders by 5:30am (prepping the food takes a bit longer). If you really can't find one consider suggesting to the cafe owners to open up earlier. There is a win for them since they are getting customers and exposure.

Do I need a club-instagram account?

In short - No. However we recommend it.

Having an Instagram account makes it super easy:

  • for your local community to have a place to go to online

  • for us to know how many clubs we have and where they are

  • to tag and share your posts and stories

  • communicate with the online world to promote hangouts and other events

If you decide to create an account we suggest you create it like that: @the530club.[your suburb]

If you don't want to manage an additional account why don't yo ask one of your members to take it on?

What should I look for in a cafe?

Look for a place that is welcoming and that you feel comfortable sitting in for an hour. It should be a place where you can focus and where there is space for a few of your friends to sit with you.

What if the cafe has no Wifi?

This has never been an issue. Most people have so much data on their phone that they just hotspot if they really need to.

Besides, we recommend not focusing on screens for the power hour. Read a book or write in your journal. We don't do the #powerhour to just work earlier, we won't to start well.

How do I get people to join?

Honestly word of mouth is the key with this. Also encourage them to sign up for updates under the "Stay In Touch Link" on so we can also keep them in the loop.

What if nobody comes in the morning?

There are so many reasons why people can't make it or struggle to get up. We are trying to help them change a very deep habit. This takes time. The most important thing is to not be discouraged and not take it personal. Most people want to come but they struggle.

Your consistent encouragement will pay off eventually. When it becomes a personal lifestyle it doesn't matter if someone rocks up or not, you just celebrate if they do.

What if I can't make it one day?

Communities shouldn't be built on one person alone and neither is your club. It is important that someone is there but it doesn't always have to be you. Have someone there in case visitors come.

Where do I go if I have questions or need support?

Any channel, any text, call or form will do. We are always happy to help.

Do I have to start at 530am?

Yes. We understand that sometimes things come in the way and you can't arrive on time but 5:30am is our bread and butter.